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Money Detector

This infrared viewing detector D85 is designed specially for the worldwide market and is able to verify authenticity of banknotes, securities, documents and documentary stamps in infrared. You will be able to watch on the screen the infrared patterns which are invisible for a naked eye.The money detector D85 allows visual authenticity control in any light, ensuring fast and qualitative detection of banknotes including fan-like layout.

Function introduction

Professional IR detection

D85 verifies the shape and location of images made by IR metameric inks.
A banknote's IR image is transmitted to the monitor enabling you to visually determine if a banknote is counterfeit at a glance.

Single CCD camera

3.5" TFT High quality LCD monitor

6 x LED UV light

Automatic power on/off function


Colour: Black


Product size:            250 x 102 x 90 mm

Inner box size:         260 x 105 x 115 mm

Gross weight:           700g /unit

Carton packing:       40 units /CTN

Carton size:              560 x 460 x 620 mm

Gross weight:           33kg /CTN




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