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Money Detector

SB330 Euro Detector---------Insert Euros in Any Directions!
With the SB330 user can insert Euro in any directions. Therefore, it does not need user to mind the face or orientation of the note. Not only can detect whether a note is real or fake, but it also read the value of each denomination, count pieces for each denomination, and sum the total amount. Moreover, it detects with high speed (less than 1 second per note) which bring most efficient work result.

Function introduction

*  Detections: Magnetic ink, metal thread, IR(infrared ray) and size detection
* Automatic banknote verification
*  Easy banknote feed in all directions
*  Available currency: Euros
* Easy to do newest software updating
* Fast and easy to use
*  Speed: less 1 second per note
*  Banknote exit direction from the front and rear
* Rechargeable battery


LCD Display graphical with backlighting

Processing Rate (max): 60pcs/min

Power Supply: AC 110/220V, 50Hz / 60Hz

Power Consumption 10 W

Dimension (L×W×H) : 170x130x70 mm

Net Weight: 0.

Gross Weight: 1.2kg

Working temperature: -10C -40C

Humidity: 40% - 80%




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