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Money Detector

The multi-function detector D90 combines a large set of features in one unique device. This detector guarantees an expert level authentication of banknotes and documents by verifying multiple security features at a time. It has 3 kinds of viewing method and 12 kinds of security features detecting methods. Also we add the navigation menu function on the LCD display, which is very convenient to indicate the users what kind of detecting method they are using.Multiple currencies: verifies banknotes of any country in the world

Function introduction

3 kinds of viewing methods:

Full screen - To check the whole banknotes

Partial screen - To check the partial banknotes by 10×times magnifying

Magnify screen - To check the banknotes by 15×times magnifying

Note: Different viewing methods can be switched each other easily.

12 kinds of security feature detecting methods:

UV / MG detection

TOP / SIDE / BOTTOM / BLINKING white light detection


MAGNIFYING white light / UV / IR detection


Ultraviolet light detection

Magnetic ink detection

Metal security thread detection

Infrared image detection

Intaglio printing detection

Latent image detection

Special "M" -mark detection

Micro-printing detection

Banknote size detection

Micro-perforation detection

Hologram patch and stripe detection

Watermark detection

See-through register detection

Optical variable ink detection


Monitor:                             Color TFT LCD -monitor 7" (16:9 / 4:3 diagonal)

Number of Pixel:                RGB 800(h)×600(v) pixels

Two-band IR :                    (IR optical diodes 940/850nm)

Ultraviolet lighting:             (2×6W UV-lamp 365nm)

Top White lighting:            (2.5W Optical diode)

Side White lighting:            (1.5W Optical diode)

Bottom white lighting:        (4W Optical diode)

Optical 10 ×magnifier with built-in UV, IR and White lighting

Power supply:                    100-240V AC 50/60 Hz

Power consumption:          20W

Product dimension:            266×180×222mm

Carton dimension:             315×234×273mm

Net weight:                        6kg/unit

Gross weight:                    11kg/CTN


Qty/carton:                        2 units




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