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The BC-8EI is an advanced banknote value counting machine. It can count the mixed banknotes, such as Euro note, English pound and so on, and shows the
subtotal of each denominations and the total value of all counted notes. Currently, it is one of the most advanced and most powerful Value Counter available to businesses.

The BC-8EI also equipped with counterfeit detection technology, which scans bills at a lightning pace using four different analysis benchmarks: Infrared, Ultraviolet,
Magnetic, Security Thread, Width detection, and Length detection.

Function introduction

It can discriminate the denomination by CIS and detect very good quality counterfeits.

Multiple currencies detecting capability, can be configured up to 20 currencies.

Mix/Sort/Count modes available, easy operation.

IR, UV, MG, MT, CIS detecting function.

Back cover can be opened, Easy access note transport path, for better maintenance and jam removing.

Easy upgrade via USB port for new issues or software upgrade.

Available currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, RUB, CNY, BRL, INR and other local currency all over the world.
Counterfeit detections

Mix value couting/ Batch counting/ Free counting modes

DD: Width detection

UV: Ultraviolet counterfeit detection

IR: Infrared counterfeit detection

MG: Magnetic ink counterfeit detection

MT: Magnetic metal thread counterfeit detection


Standard features

SP: 3 levels counting speed selection

AD: add function

MN: on/off auto start function

Chain feed detection (half/double/chain)

Batching: preset the counting number

Full numeric keyboard

Carrying handle

Option: customer display


Feeding system: Friction

Display: Large LCD display screen

Counting speed: 1000/1200/1500pcs/min

Banknote size: 90×50mm-110×180mm

Hopper capacity: 200pcs

Stacker capacity: 200pcs

Power supply: AC120V, 60Hz / AC230V, 50Hz

Power consumption: 50W

Dimension (W×D×H): 270×250×230mm

Weight: 8kg




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