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Ningbo Prime-Banker Import & Export Co.,Ltd
Add:No.191, Ke er Road ,Technical area, Taoyuan Street.Ninghai , Ningbo City Zhejiang, China
Phone: 0086-574-65529179  
Fax:  0086-574-67059798
Email : sales@prime-banker.com
Located in China, ZheJiang Province, Ningbo city, Prime Banker is a specialized and professional exporter for Banking, Cash Handling and Office Automation Technology. We have manufacturing facilities, marketing plan teamwork and experience to handle overseas customers / distributors which ensure satisfying high quality products, very competitive prices and excellent services.
The product range is developed with a dedication towards emerging technology, modern design, robust construction and user friendliness. Our main products categories are:
Money Counter. Including Bill Counters and Coin Counters, wide variety models and functions to meet all customers’ needs.
Money Detector. With wide variety models and functions to detect USD, EURO and other countries currencies.
Time Recorder: Providing the basic time card machines, magnetic card machines, finger scanner machines, with all many kinds of advance features.
Paper Shredder. With many options contain different cutting types, machine capacities and models.
Binding Machines. With many kinds of models and applied to international standard of binding materials.
We are specialized in manufacturing with mass production and also, inventing new products with new and better technology for more useful, effective and efficient applications.
With export oriented marketing strategy, we have been exporting to many countries all around the world and our customer loyalty is important to us, that’s why we treat our customer with the highest degree of respect and excellent services.
We welcome you to cooperate with us and please be ensure, we are your best partner for your good business.